Sleep Tips for Halloween Night!

people on halloween

The spookiest night of the year is coming up in just a few short days. If you have kids, chances are, everyone’s sleep routine may be a little off that night thanks to all of the excitement surrounding Halloween. Whether you are going trick-or-treating with the kids or staying at home to hand out candy, here are a few tips to keep everyone’s sleep routines in check.   

Plan ahead

Halloween can be overstimulating for children with all of the sights and sounds in addition to the outdoor physical activity from trick-or-treating. And oftentimes, the night tends to run a little later than usual. If possible, start your Halloween rituals earlier in the evening or the late afternoon, especially if you have small children. Taking a short nap in the daytime may also be beneficial for your child so that they are well rested for the evening’s festivities and not overstimulated.

Stick to your normal routines

While there is certainly a lot happening on Halloween, the best thing you can do for yourself or your children is to stick to as much of a normal routine as possible. Maintain the same bedtime, follow the same sleep routine, and stick to healthy diet and exercise habits during the daytime. It will help to give your child some time to read or do a quiet activity before bedtime to help them wind down from the day’s events.

Go easy on the treats

It’s easy to want to let your kids indulge in their Halloween candy or to sneak a treat or two for yourself, but be careful. Too much candy can interfere negatively with your sleep, especially close to bedtime. Have your child pick out just a few small packages of their favorite candy and leave the rest for another day.

Have fun!

Remember that Halloween only falls on one night each year and slip-ups can happen. Maybe you or your children ate a little too much candy before bed or maybe bedtime happens a little later than normal. If your schedule is off, don’t sweat it! Be sure to get back on track the next night.

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