Is it time to replace my CPAP parts?

When you have sleep apnea, you know how important your CPAP machine is in treating your sleep disorder. Your CPAP machine is like other machines and appliances – sometimes the parts wear out or break, and need to be replaced. It is important that you replace broken or worn out parts so that your machine operates at peak efficiency. Even if you don’t realize that your CPAP machine isn’t working as it should, eventually your body will let you know by being tired, cranky, and just not your usual self.

So the question you may have is this – with all of the different parts of the machine, how do you know when to replace any parts and accessories? Here is a quick guideline to help you.

  1. Inspect all parts and accessories regularly: The first way to know when something needs to be replaced is to check it for tears, cracks, or breaks. You can do this whenever you wash the parts.
  2. Read the manual: The manufacturer provides a manual with accessory “life expectancy”. You can use this as a guideline for replacements or even when to start checking for issues.
  3. Go by feel: Even if the parts look fine and you are following the manufacturer’s suggestions, it still is possible that your parts are no longer sealing as they should. How can you tell? By how you feel. If you aren’t feeling as well rested as you used to, this can be a sign that you need to replace some parts.

As a general rule you should replace your parts on the schedule below:


Disposable Filters

Every Six Months

Reusable Filters, Cushions and Pillows, Headgear

Every Six – Twelve Months