Integrating CPAP Into Your Life

Your CPAP machine can be a crucial component in treating your sleep apnea. But when you first get your CPAP machine, it can be a little difficult to get used to. There is a mask, tube, the machine itself, the water reservoir, and possibly accessories. How can you get used to sleeping with such a machine?

Not only is it possible, but doing so will help you feel well-rested. Here are some tips to help you integrate CPAP into your life:

  1. Get comfortable with your machine: With all of its parts, your CPAP machine can look a little daunting. So get to know it! Understand what each piece is for, how it should fit. Becoming familiar will make it seem less foreign.
  2. Start slowly: Few people use their CPAP machine the first night without some level of discomfort. So start slowly to get used to it. For example, use it while watching television or reading a book. This gives you time to get used to how it feels and move around with it.
  3. Be patient: You also need to be patient. Allow yourself a few weeks to shift from a non-CPAP wearer to a CPAP wearer. Over time, it will begin to feel like part of your bedtime routine.
  4. Ask for help: If there are some parts that just aren’t feeling comfortable as time passes, then ask your CPAP vendor for suggestions. Maybe an adjustment or change in part can make all of the difference.

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